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Why Do Taste Buds Swell and How Can You Relieve the Discomfort?

Posted on 12/30/2018 by Henry Cuttler DDS
Why Do Taste Buds Swell and How Can You Relieve the Discomfort?The taste buds are responsible for our ability to taste – and enjoy – food. Taste buds help you to experience sour, bitter, sweet, and salty foods, but if they are damaged in some way, swelling may occur. By understanding how they swell, you can take steps to relieve your discomfort.

What Causes Swollen Taste Buds?

There isn't one specific cause to swollen taste buds. In fact, there are many issues that can cause these sensory organs to swell:

•  Acid reflux. When acid rises back into the throat, the taste buds may burn and swell.
•  Injury to the tongue. Cuts and burns on the tongue can cause the taste buds to become inflamed.
•  Diet. Eating very sour or spicy foods can lead to swollen taste buds.
•  Dry mouth. A lack of adequate saliva supply can cause the taste buds to swell up.
•  Infection. If you are suffering from the flu, a cold, or other illness, your taste buds may swell.

If you have chronic problems with swollen taste buds, we can help to discover the source of the issue.

What Can You Do about Swollen Taste Buds?

To reduce how often you experience swollen taste buds, it is important to treat the underlying cause. For example, changing your diet, taking medication to treat your illness, or seeing a doctor for acid reflux can all minimize the incidence of swollen taste buds.

If you do experience a swollen taste bud, there are other steps you can take. Make sure you brush and floss regularly and consider gargling with a warm salt water rinse. To battle back against swelling and discomfort, hold small ice chips against the swollen taste bud.

Most swollen taste buds will resolve on their own, but if you are especially troubled by an ongoing problem, give us a call to set up an appointment.
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