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Signs and Symptoms of a Dental Fracture

Posted on 1/30/2019 by Henry Cuttler DDS
Signs and Symptoms of a Dental FractureThere are many signs and symptoms that a person can experience when they have a dental fracture. Having a crack in the tooth can cause a person a lot of pain and discomfort which needs to be assessed as soon as possible. To make sure that the problem does not turn into a bigger one, the person should see our dentist that can fix the issue and get the person back on their feet with no discomfort at all.

Signs and Symptoms

Dental fractures are not the most silent problems to have. They can cause a lot of symptoms that stand out. If any of the symptoms are shown, it is important to speak with our dentist to find out what the next steps for treatment would be.

•  Pain when chewing, biting down or moving the mouth at all. When this happens, it could mean that the tooth is under stress and needs to be treated.
•  Sensitivity in one specific area that comes and goes with hot or cold items. This might even hurt the tooth if sweet items come into contact with it.
•  Swelling in the gum area around the tooth that is causing the pain and discomfort. This spot might also be red.
•  Pain that is not continuous but comes and goes when something comes into contact with it.
•  There may be a pus-filled abscess in the area and if this is the case, the fractured tooth has turned into an infection. The infection will have to be treated before the tooth is.

If you think you may have a dental fracture, speak with our office today. We can get you an appointment to come in and see one of our dental professionals. They can provide the services that are needed to treat the fracture and give you a pain-free, healthy smile once again.
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