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Water Flossing Can Give Your Oral Health a Significant Boost

Posted on 7/15/2019 by Henry Cuttler DDS
Water Flossing Can Give Your Oral Health a Significant BoostWhen you talk about flossing, many think that means using a piece of string to clean between the teeth. That is one way to floss, but it is not the only way.

Water flossing is another method that can provide good results. The additional help that water flossing offers to oral health could convince many to invest in the equipment to add this habit to the daily routine.

Flossing in General is a Good Idea

While some may debate the idea of water flossing over string flossing, it is important to realize that any type of flossing is better than not doing it at all. There are bacteria and debris that can get caught between your teeth and gums that brushing does not remove. You may or may not see all the bacteria and debris that is in these areas.

Flossing can help remove the debris and the bacteria and can help prevent the buildup of plaque. It can help prevent gum disease, can help treat gingivitis and can help keep the teeth bright and white. It is an essential part of any good oral health routine.

Water or String
The argument for water flossing is fairly simple. The stream of water works in a similar way to the string. It dislodges the biofilm on the teeth and helps remove the debris and bacteria trapped in between the teeth and gums. The water also helps wash the debris away from the teeth and gums. This is the same thing that string floss does.

The problem that many people have with using string to floss their teeth is actually doing it. People find many excuses not to floss when using the string. The most common excuse is they don't want to bother with it. It may take too long, or it can cause bleeding gums. Water flossing takes away many of the excuses. People are more likely to floss with water than with string which means they will get the benefits that come from regular flossing

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